Type: Custom Home

Location: Pemberton


Year: 2020

This family gathering house is situated on 40 acres of farmland, and nestled between majestic mountain landscapes of the Squamish-Lillooet region of southwestern British Columbia. The interior features a generous floor plan for open concept living, with an understated alpine palette of natural stone, exposed wood and tile. The home’s wood beams span over 60 feet, partially supported by a central stone chimney and double-sided bifurcated fireplace. A gentle sloping metal roof and expansive overhangs gives reprieve from direct sun, while ample glazing draws in an abundance of natural light. Indoor and outdoor living blends seamlessly, all year round. Beautiful stone walls serve as a primary structure. They appear almost like repurposed ruins; left to naturally patinate over time. At night, the heavy timber-framed home glows like a larger-than-life lantern—with ample outdoor spaces and hemlock decking sheltered from the elements— where occupants can take in the stars and surrounding beauty.

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